Friday 15 November 2013

Renegade Craft Fair = Spending Spree

I have this theory about money. I must have read it somewhere sometime.
You must let it flow away from you in order that it can then flow back to you.*
This weekend I went to Renegade craft fair and I put my theory into practice.

*** If you think you might be due a Christmas present from me this year LOOK AWAY NOW***

Seriously, please, look away.

Right, so yes, I had a bit of a spending spree, but I feel entirely justified as I was buying directly from designers and makers, so really I was just supporting some very talented people right?... and there were a lot of very talented people with some beautiful wares to sell. I was tempted by so much - some of which I've noted down to buy later, but anyway, enough justification - here is my loot.

Mugs and tea towel from the food guide

Two mugs and a tea towel (so many good tea towels around, think I'm going to turn into a tea towel collector) from The Food Guide the tea towel shows examples of foods that are rich in certain vitamins and minerals (Emily took a photo of it for her blog too - here).

Mugs from the food guide

Beetroot and tomato growing season mugs. Coco wants us to keep these... she might be able to convince me.

London Skyline tea towel and sticty tape by Cecily Vessey

Another tea towel with a vaguely educational stance - this time showing some high lights of the London skyline... and also some Skyline tape, I just couldn't say no to that. Both by Cecily Vessey.

Beetle Cherry rainy day party colouring book

A couple of things for Coco's birthday next week (or maybe stocking...) A very sweet little colour-in story book by Beetle Cherry and something which I think Coco might enjoy - a make at home paper toy by Pappet.

Porcelain diamond ring by Moko

Finally - I bought myself a porcelain 'diamond' ring from Moko. A slightly spontaneous purchase, but one I'm very pleased with. And look at that packaging, brown embossed card and black and white string - beautiful simplicity.
There was lots of lovely packaging and presentation of products - and they're have been some good round-ups of the fair by other bloggers if you want to see more of what was on offer take a look at some of the following blogs:
Emily from The Start Up Wife
Davina from The Making Home
Francesca from Mrs Eliot Books
I also just spotted on Instagram that Lucy from London Loafing bought a print from Scout Editions I was eyeing up those too... but I've had a bit of a print spree too (as Francesca from Mrs Eliot Books knows only too well) more on that in another post - as I always say, but I promise, I promise...

I also have quite a haul of buisness cards to remind me of all the things I didn't buy. Next time.

*you know I have my tongue in my cheek right?

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  1. I'm pretty sure i'm not expecting a present from you, so i read on ;) Bloody glad I did too - such lovely goodies, i would have been a nightmare there!! Oh, and there's no shame in becoming a tea towel collector - it's quite the thing to do round these parts (or is that just me?)