Thursday 18 April 2013

A Catch Up

Hello blog, it's been a while.
Here's a bit of what we've been up to.

1. Taking a family portrait in the back of a black cab.
Probably the first family portrait we've taken since I made a resolution to take more back in January

2. Photos from our imaginary trip to Japan (but in actual fact a visit to the Kyoto garden in Holland Park, followed by a failed attempt to get Sushi. Long story).

3. Creepy crawlies at the Chelsea Physic Garden. It turns out the Physic garden (a tongue twister that I keep calling the Chiswick Psychic garden by accident) has some very good kids activities on over holidays.

4. You didn't think it's been hot enough to put your cossie on in the garden did you? Well it hasn't - and no this photo was not even taken on 'freak Sunday'. Note Henry is still in cords and a jumper. Mad daughter.

5. Getting serious about stickers - although I'm slightly appalled at the gender stereotypes that are being played out in this photo. Please Usborne, love your sticker books, but a bit of imagination maybe, the dolly dressing up ones are loved by Coco and despised by me.

6. Pond dipping at our local nature reserve. I grew up in the 'country' and I can't remember ever doing this. Check out those newts!

7. She's getting bigger, new bike, with gears (both me and Lou were raving about Islabikes on instagram the other day - they cost a lot but are worth it if your children do a lot of cycling and they hold their value very well). So now Coco has gears and it's speeding up the school run a bit, but it's now too big to go in the back of the car which means on days like today when it decided to pour down at 3pm me and Henry have no choice but to don our wet weather clothes and get on the bike. Up sides and down sides.

8. Working on her book about her that I made her for Christmas.

9. The morning after a huge sort out and tidy up of the toy cupboard (by me) the game involved getting everything out and swapping all the boxes around.


  1. Brilliant family photo.
    The creepy crawly photo made me cringe. Fantastic shot though x

  2. We have never been in a black cab! On our to do list now! Thank you for linking up! xx

  3. Great Photos!! That bug gives me goosebumps!!!

  4. Lovely family photo- I haven't taken both my girls into London yet but we will do soon! Thanks for linking up. x

  5. Great photos. Seems like you've been so busy.
    Thanks for linking up with Me & Mine and introducing me to your blog. X