Wednesday 3 April 2013

Making Eggs

It started with a purchase on a whim in the supermarket. A £5 yellow silicone egg mould.
Then another £4.50 later enough chocolate to melt and fill our soon-to be home made eggs.

I got some very scecpital looks from Hugh, among others, but making our own easter eggs was actually surprisingly easy.

As with most things I/we make nowadays, it happened late at night - not the best time to take arty photos I'm afraid the whole task was much more suited to Mr Cook/Science (Hugh) who faffed around with melting the chocolate to just the right temperature (not too hot being the important bit to remember here - gloopier chocolate is easier to handle) he also had the mould sitting in a tray of ice and water helping the cooling process along a bit.
I had the task of taking the halves out of the mould, which considering they almost popped out was very satisfying.

We experimented with some malteser linings... then each egg got a few mini eggs before the sides were sealed together by melting the edges a tiny bit on a hot baking tray.

I was in charge of packaging - this is a re-purposed decorative box of tea, although browsing the internet yesterday I noticed this Mr Printables egg box which I wish I'd seen this time last week (have you discovered Mr Printables yet? It's ace).

Coco performed the necessary hunt, complete with written clues that she had to read and decipher (we are mean like that) and then she got to devour her egg... over a few days naturally!

And of course to get the maximum value from the £5 egg mould I must now use it every year hence forth, better bookmark that Mr Printables egg packaging afterall...

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