Monday 29 April 2013

17/52 A Portrait a Week

Both crouching and both studying!
Coco - making a mini habitat for some woodlouse with her friend Sam.
Henry - sorting out the shells from the stones in the garden.

Last week I liked seeing this little chap teddy-wearing, and to discover a new blog.

Doing the 52 Project as started by Jodi at Che & Fidel

I must say I'm starting to struggle a bit with this project trying to take a different and interesting portrait of each of my children every week. I thought the spring weather would bring more opportunities to get some candid photos of the children doing what they do but that doesn't seem to have happened.
We are having quite a funny time after we pick up Coco from school, sometimes we head straight to the park and I don't really feel like taking my camera, or we have a tired/moody girl on our hands and come straight home and Coco makes herself endless snacks which seem to end up merging into supper. Henry is very keen to play with her, having missed her all day but she can be quite nasty to him (especially if she thinks I'm not looking) and then I have to talk to her and she'll get cross with me.
If we have friends over then she can flip into being over-excited and just silly, which grates on my nerves so then I'm snappy... I'm feeling on edge just thinking about it. It seems impossible to keep both Henry and Coco happy at the moment.
The knock-on effect for the 52 project is I'm ending up taking all my photos at home and I don't seem to be able to get much variety... Or as soon as I get my camera out to take a photo of one child then the other kicks off. I need to get more imaginative... or just start taking my camera out more and leaving the hefty nappy bag at home instead (asking for trouble!)?
Maybe I should use getting the photos as an excuse for us to do some more different things after school. I guess that would be the best outcome.
If you are doing this project how are you managing it?


  1. hey, thanks for the link. the project makes me realise that we spend A LOT of time in our jammies and eating and that i need (more want, if i'm honest) a new camera. your blog looks fab, you've noticed and captured the beauty in your everyday life in your photographs.