Wednesday 1 May 2013

Foolproof Banana Bread

When I went around to my friend Nisia's a couple of weeks ago her and her five year old Maja had just started baking a banana cake.
Of course Coco wanted in on the action...

Nisia and I were busy chatting and not paying as much attention as we should to the proceedings.

So Maja and Coco got busy pretending they were on an episode of 'I Can Cook'.
But guess what?
The cake turned out fine.

Check it out, and it honestly tasted really good too.

I feel the foolproof-ness of this cake recipe was thoroughly tested as:
a) No method was followed, AT ALL (the first step was that flour was added to the mashed banana, creating a lovely sticky mess).
b) The measuring out was a bit 'blah' to say the least.
c) It was meant to go in a loaf tin, but no loaf tin could be located so it went in a shallow cake tin
d) Nisia's oven is very vintage and I think Henry messed around with the temperature half way through baking, plus we forgot to even set the timer so no idea how long it actually cooked for.

So, the moral of the story is, if you want a cake and have a spare five year old around, get them to make this one for you.

Here's the recipe...

I know this seems like another food post - but I'm wondering if really it's actually a messy play post? Messy play with benefits.

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