Friday 14 September 2012

Peas for Supper

Our veg patch hasn't exactly been abundant this year, but we've had a few bits and bobs - and our second lot of peas (the first lot were planted by my sister and this lot by Hugh's sister) are just finishing now - this photo was taken the day before we went on holiday over three weeks ago.

Most of these peas were eaten while Coco and I podded them, with a handful actually making on to the table for supper.
Fresh peas from the pods like sweets. yum.

We didn't have much fun with our broadbeans - too much blackfly, and our bolotti beans produced a measly harvest, not sure we'll bother with either of them again.
Carrots, which were excellent last year, have got root fly this year. Bug are so boring.

We had two potato plants - again from Hugh's sister - which fed us for a few meals, pink fur potatoes in a niscoise salad. Tomatoes are finally ripening in the last days of sunshine and we are currently running at one beautiful yellow courgette a day along with a fennel every few days.

So after the second summer of veg growing I'm still not very convinced that we are going to be that  successful in our veg patch endeavours, but we'll keep going (and of course we have a few bits of winter veg planted...) maybe Henry will stop stomping on the veg beds and become a green fingered helper...


  1. Oh how lucky you are to have a garden and a veg patch, even if it was for just a courgette once in a while!
    I love the first picture! And Henry's tshirt is the best, where did you find it?
    I totally admire that you seem to do so many things with your kids. Somehow I always feel that there is no time for anything else but cooking/shopping/cleaning (the terrible trilogy)... Maybe because I am a bit lazy...

  2. I'm really excited to plant some veg in our new patch. Any tips for what to plant at this time of year?

  3. What a great picture on top, green and neon from your toes, I love it !