Monday 24 September 2012

A Fantasy Shopping List

I went to Tent London, part of the London Design Festival last week and saw a few things that I wouldn't mind having in my house...
First up, I quite fancy this 'Modern London' print by Kristjana S Williams

Then I'll take two of these tall boys on the right, one for me and one for Hugh, by Invisible City - I think I'd customise the colours of the drawers though, but obviously if you're spending £7,000 on a cupboard you can do that kind of thing.

I'm sure I could provide a good home for a few of these mirrors by Alp too...

I love the idea of this dressing table by House of Eden for displaying all the jewellery that I never wear (and the bits I do too I guess).

Finally, I've seen these lights by Roussel before, and I still like them, so a couple of these in our sitting room please.

So that's my shopping list for if I ever win the lottery; although there is an old Chinese proverb I believe, something about having to play the lottery to win the lottery? I'm not sure I believe it though.

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