Friday 21 September 2012


It's been an emotional week.
Coco starting school x the dreaded peeemteee.

I'm sure all the other Mums who've been there will understand, and of course there are lots of them, thousands upon thousands - and yet I've felt very very alone this week.

Coco on the otherhand has taken it all happily in her stride.
The second morning she could hardly contain her excitment, today she asked if she can stay for lunch (she doesn't actually start full days until next week). She stares in wonder at the kids in the playground, asking me what they are doing running and screaming in big groups (playing British bulldog I think)? She wants to know why there are lines drawn all over the playground and when I asked her if she'd been to assembly she asked 'what's assembly'?
She has proudly shown me her peg and the toilets "this is the one I normally go in Mummy", and told me that her hair sometimes gets wet when she drinks from the water fountain. On Wednesday she hugged her teacher goodbye.

Oh, and I've already been told off by a dinner lady.
It's a very strange feeling being back at school.

I seriously CANNOT believe that I've got the point in life where I've taken the obligatory photo of my child's first day at school... I still feel 19... how did this happen!?


  1. Oh she looks adorable! It's crazy how life seems to whizz past, I look at all these students starting uni and still feel like in that age, but then I realise that I'm really not that young anymore, I'm supposedly a grown up?!

    Hope the full days go well, and that you feel better about it all! Xx

  2. And she'll soon be able to read her own books !!!!!!!