Friday 23 May 2014

George Nelson Bubble Light

At some point post us moving into our house I was on the look out for a good central light for Coco's bedroom when I walked past a lovely local shop called Abode and spotted out the perfect light out of the corner of my eye. Right over the counter was a huge George Nelson saucer bubble light.

George Nelson bubble lights

I didn't know that it was such a design icon at the time... so when I inquired about the price and was told £370 I really had to do my best not to let my jaw hit the floor in shock. It looked so simple. 

Back to the drawing board I told myself. Except... I couldn't go back to the drawing board. I'd seen the perfect light and none of the compromises or nearly-copies were good enough.
So after Coco had had a bare bulb hanging in the middle of her room for about three years I just decided not to compromise and to suck it up. I bought a bubble light. A slightly smaller (and therefore cheaper) saucer bubble.

George Nelson Bubble light in Coco's bedroom

Here it is - in Coco's room... and I love it.

George Nelson Bubble light in Coco's bedroom

Every time it catches my eye I appreciate it.
It just works, it's elegant and simple and lovely.

Our friends Pauline & Jo have a wall mounted version which I took a photo of last year (you can see more photos of when I had a snoop around their flat here)

George Nelson wall hanging bubble light photographed by Alexis

I suppose the moral of the story is that design icons are icons for a reason...

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