Saturday 26 February 2011

Half Term - We Survived It!

Long week last week. At 8.55am on Monday I realised it was Coco's half term... I thought it was the following week.
One week, two kids, all day... ON MY OWN!? OMG.

Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! We had our ups and downs - I still feel like very much a novice Mummy, but we managed to keep ourselves entertained.
Coco learned to do self portraits on my phone, the whole memory is now taken up with Coco-close-ups. Dressing up in PJ's is now a popular pastime, masks are optional (note to self, must start a 'proper' dressing up box). As for me, I got lots of practice in managing the sibling hug/maul and I played with Instagram on my iphone (can you tell!?)
There were also some peaceful moments when I got to observe Coco in deep concentration... plus just laughing at the things that three year olds come up with!

Coco loves singing (even my tuneless attempts), so at some point in the week, when she was whingeing and saying 'I want...' I started singing that old classic Rolling Stones number... 'You can’t always get what you want, but you can try, and you may find, you get what you need'

I have to admit it was inspired by this post on Babyccino Kids (I know! I now read blogs with such names - this is how a novice Mummy learns!)

Coco however decided to modify the words - this version suits her better:
'You can't always get what you want, but then you say please, and you get what you want'!

Well - it seems, I've taught her something at least!


  1. Hi Alexis. I'm a fellow BYW student and just wanted to let you know I've enjoyed looking at your blog. Just lovely. Oh, and congrats on your newest addition...adorable =)


  2. Half term with a new baby and all - I'm exhausted thinking about it :)

  3. omg these pictures are so sweet!! i love your blog :D