Sunday 20 February 2011

Opening Doors

Our wardrobe doors may STILL have gaffa tape handles, but we (ok, I admit it, Hugh) finally put some door knobs to good use in our bathroom!

These Anthropologie doorknobs have been hanging around since our trip to New York in 2006. I wasn't actually sure about using them, maybe a bit too 'ethnic' for us? They lived in a jar on our mantel piece in our old house for 3 years.

Here they are in situ... (where you can hardly see them)! Amazing how much more straight-forward life is when you can actually open your cupboards without breaking a nail.
Why do these small jobs take soooo long to get around to?

(Am I losing perspective? Is this post just very boring)!?

1 comment:

  1. I have just arrived at your blog (via Bold and Noble - my brother and sister-in-law). I am now an avid follower!!!

    I love your handles particularly the ones in the first photograph - they are gorgeous!!!!

    Jane x