Friday 25 February 2011

Drawers - Before & After

Before Christmas I made several trips to Kempton Antiques Market with a long list of things to get for the house.

It went some thing like this:
- kitchen storage / dresser / sideboard
- bench / chest / storage for the hallway
- fireplace tiles (we need new tiles for our kitchen fireplace as the original ones are broken).
- bathroom cabinet
- chests of drawers for us / Coco / spare room

Considering I was heavily pregnant and only have a small car in which to transport these things plus a very minimal budget the list was pretty unrealistic.
A couple of times I ended up bringing home slightly off-piste impractical things rather than the useful items that we needed, justified by the fact that otherwise it would have been a totally wasted journey - I blame pregnancy hormones!

The only practical thing I managed to procure was this little chest of drawers and cupboard for Coco's room. At £45 it felt like a good option - and with a paint job using up leftover paint from the kitchen I think it does the job? It's very rough-and-ready, not particularly well made but looks ok and was cheaper than going to ikea - plus will probably last longer.


  1. Nice make over, I'm impressed (still got a chest of drawers that need a paint's been here for 6 months now...)

  2. Hi - found your blog from the BYW forum... LOVE the furniture makeover and love Kempton too! You must be a better bargain hunter than me too as I've never managed to pick any furniture up for less than £100!

  3. I love this! I'm stopping by from BYW. I've got a hutch that I've been dreaming of painting, and the gray is just what I want. Super cute :)