Wednesday 11 March 2015

News From Elsewhere: Glass Etching, Silhouette Portriats & Party Bags

In the absence of posts here over the last week or so I thought I'd point you all along to some other stuff I'm doing...

I've written a couple of posts for Hannah and Davina over at their blog Seeds & Stitches  - which if you've never visited then - get over there you're missing out!

Glass etching for Seeds & Stitches by alexis

The most recent post was a bit of a tutorial on how to do glass etching. Which hardly even needs a tutorial as it's so simple and easy (I feel like a cheat now).

Creating silhouette portraits and pictures for Seeds & Stitches by alexis

And way back in the depths of winter I did a post about our Christmas cards and creating silhouette portraits and pictures. I just realised I didn't even put my cards on the blog this year... maybe I'll fill you all in next December instead? But anyway folks, silhouettes aren't just for Christmas (they're for birthdays too, obviously - that is Coco above with her 7 balloon).

Cotton Twist make a medal for your teddy - alexis

And finally... my friend and I have tentatively launched our website Cotton Twist selling mini craft kits & activities designed for party gifts and rainy days. We are hoping to find a tribe of people who want something different for party bags and are bored of all the plastic.

Cotton Twist superhero mask party bag activity - alexis

We are still working away to improve & perfect the website as well as developing new party bag ideas; but the site is live, and it works... I will be shouting about it more the happier we become with it - and I will also tell the whole story of how it came about at some point as I think it's a good one - it started way back when Coco was four and I made her party bags from almost nothing. Wish us luck please (and maybe follow us on instagram!? - Am setting it up today and I think I might feel a bit sad about only having 2 followers)!

I have so much to catch up on here... I do love blogging but as I normally end up doing it late at night it seems that at the moment I love sleep more! 


  1. Love your new party bag products. Unfortunately my daughter is too old for party bags now, but it is a great idea. Good luck with it, I'm sure it will be very successful.

  2. Brilliant, utterly brilliant! I get all weird about plastic c**p from party bags ending up basically in the bin! Will definitely buy for future parties. Best of luck.

  3. I will 100% be getting some stuff from you guys, especially as India is only just really starting her birthday parties journey :) CONGRATS!