Tuesday 17 March 2015

A Modern Way to Eat: My New Favourite Cookbook

You know how a well loved cookery book becomes gradually worn in over time? It easily falls open to reveal favourite recipes, pages become crinkled from splashes of water or lemon juice, the corners are folded over for dishes that you look forward to eating and maybe there is the odd note written here and there...

Well, we have only had the book A Modern Way to Eat for about a month and it already bares all of these hallmarks.

I've been raving about Anna Jones' easy veggie recipes to anyone who'll listen - and quizzing my friends who have got it about the recipes they've tried.

It's really helped me to get out of a bit of a cooking slump. I've documented some of the recipes we've tried on instagram - I've even forgone two of my self inflicted rules 1) no cooked food photos & 2) no artifcial light photos (I'm not sure I've ever really stuck to them).

So from the top going clockwise we've tried:
Cauliflower based every day pizza (nice, different and surprisingly easy to prep).
Raw Thai citrus crunch salad (I loved this... although Hugh made it and added chicken).
Dhal with sweet potato and coconut chutney (I want to actually eat this right now; it's really good).
Autumn panzanella (we've made it twice - says it all...)

And much to the children's delight we've also tried...

Caramel popcorn. My only regret is that now they've tried popcorn like this my children don't want to go back to plain popcorn. And neither do I.

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  1. I love that book. There is a paella recipe with artichokes that is super easy and just heaven - i have cooked it for guests several times now and everyone loves it.