Thursday 19 December 2013

New Covent Garden Flower Market

When I used to live near Columbia Road market I loved the wintery flowers that would start appearing in late November, the pussy willow, the holly and the fragrent trees and although I still love a little jaunt over to Columbia Road it's not the most relaxing place to be with two small people right before Christmas. Stangley they are not that into crowds or buying flowers.

And so it was that a plan was hatched with a neighbour to get up at the crack of dawn; or actually it being mid-winter, way before the crack of dawn to go to New Covent Garden flower market and get some festive foliage (as the only child free time I get at the moment is between the hours of 8pm and 7am it actually felt quite good value to be able to do something other than sleeping).

A market cuppa, before heading home with a boot full of leaves.

Henry was impressed by our haul.
My friend and I split the bunches up and I was still left for enough for two pretty big vases of flowers and a wreath to pimp up with some holly and pine cones.

Last day of school for Coco tomorrow, followed by panto, and we went to see Hugh's brother singing in a carol concert last night. It's definitely starting to feel like Christmas. Bring. It. On.

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