Monday 24 June 2013

After the Party

We had a big week last week.
On Wednesday 11 people spent the day at my house taking part in Tim Coulson's London Nursery workshop - a one day photography crash course and then on Saturday we had a party for Hugh's 40th birthday.
Today, I'm recovering and gently getting our house back to normal.

Left over unused cutlery, forks were much more popular than knives...

Flowers, balloons and left over matchbox 'cameras'  - made by some of the children.

An almost empty cask of beer and lots of left-over wine...

Flowers - a mix of bought agapanthus and catmint from the garden (which one of the first guests kindly cut and put in water from me as I hadn't got around to doing the flowers when people started arriving).

A corner of my home-made photobooth (which was good - but not quite as good as it could/should have been) and lots of presents and cards, am slowing gathering together gifts that I keep finding stashed around the house...

Props from the aforementioned photobooth.

Lots of lists, on lots of random bits of paper - all can be filed in the bin now.

I fully intend to do justice to both events with some proper posts before the memories fade.
If I forget to mention it later, we had lots of fun.


  1. I love those bottles of flowers. Beautiful beautiful!

  2. sounds like quite a weekend! i did the nursery here in sydney and learned so much. totally changed the way i take photos.

  3. I am 100% pinching your bottles & jam jar ideas for my little garden party project this weekend! Doesn't your milk man knock for your empties?! I think mine would - going to test that out :)

  4. Sounds like lots of fun and I just love the idea of a homemade photobooth, can we have a whole post just on that please? :)