Thursday 6 June 2013

A Really Good Half Term #2 - Cornwall

So, really this feels like a bit of a boasting post.
We went to Cornwall, we had great weather and we enjoyed ourselves very much.
The recipe...

We were very last minute with our plans as always, but Hugh pulled the hat (or is that meant to be cat?) out of the bag and booked us four nights at the Polurrian Hotel in Mullion. It's just been renovated and is very child-friendly (in a way that it's probably not worth going if you don't have children...) but it's done very well, it's small, friendly and the food was delicious. It felt like a proper break and of course, I will mention it one more time, the weather...

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  1. yey looks like you had a lovely time! I'm very jealous, but hopefully we're going on holiday to Cornwall at the end of June!