Monday 21 May 2012

Wild West Book

This is a post about a photo album I made a few years ago.

Now of course, in the 2012 world of instagram, hipstergam, blurb, moo etc etc making a little book like this would be easy.
But, my friends, I made this back in the mists of time, in 2004 and I'm no designer, so although there was probably a much better way of making this little book took me a long time.
I also bound it by hand... printed, folded and sewed it up. I had a lot of spare time back then. I made it as a present for a friend but I ended up keeping this version as some of the page came out up-side-down.

The book is about A6 sized, and documents a camping trip. We used to do this camp annually and my friend who organises it would come up with a theme each year... so one day of camp would be spent in fancy dress.

The Wild West one included the Indians (sorry, am I allowed to call them Indians... is this all very un-pc?) stampeding the beach where the cowboys had built a (sand) fort. Well, kind of anyway.


Ooh, look at that neat stitching...

Two little Indians, and a camp cowboy.

The inevitable handstand competition.

Now I'm off to blurb to try out their software for a new book project.


  1. It's so cool. I used to do similar little journal/albums of our camping trips, though mine weren't so lovingly made by hand. Love that your all in fancy dress, are you not in any of the photos?

  2. Wow, amazing book! You always impress me with the things you make!