Wednesday 9 May 2012

Get Ye to the Hayward

Recently I've been hanging out at the Hayward Gallery a bit, drinking (the free) tea in the Jeremy Deller exhibition and crawling around on my hands and knees upstairs in the David Shrigley.

We did a CultureBaby event there at the end of April which required a few prep trips - and it seemed to go down very well with all the parents and their small people.

I would highly recommend both exhibitions - and they finish this weekend... what better way to spend time in London on a damp day than in gallery? I've written an article on why I think both these exhibitions are great to visit with kids in tow on West London Mum, so you can go over there and see more of my ramblings if you like.
But in a nutshell, they are both great exhibitions, and the Hayward is so NICE, big enough, small enough, civilised enough, easy to get to, near to everything... I feel like I've re-discovered a lost love.

'Do not Linger at the gate' (but apparently everyone does).

Added bonus, I asked Kerry from the Seventy Tree is she wanted to come along to our CultureBaby event with Bertie, and she did! It's so nice when my blogging world meets my real world...

And look what I was the lucky recipient of, a jiffy bag of Kerry-goods. Postcards too nice to send. You know where you'll be seeing them hanging out. Thanks again Kerry!

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