Tuesday 8 May 2012

A Big Birthday Card

Happy Birthday to my Dad who was 65 this weekend - so now he can retire, kick-back, relax... and have his Grandchildren to stay more often!?

Coco and I had some messy fun making a card for him last week. Well I say we had fun, but really Coco had the fun and I had the stress of trying to keep the paint contained in one area of the kitchen. Par for the course.

It was quite a challenge to get Henry to actually hold the numbers... he's much more keen on being behind the camera than in front of it these days.

I've offered my Dad the actual numbers, but he didn't seem to really want them, I'll try not to take offence.


  1. So cute! And bravo to you for the challenge of all this painting (and the stress that goes with it ;) ) So your dad was not crazy about taking his card back home? Really? I wonder why...
    Sorry if I'm being a little too indiscreet here but, is that the new couch you said you would buy that I can see behind Coco and Henry? It looks like the couch I've been giving the eye to at Ikea for months, waiting for our finances to get better to run and get it (our couch is so old, it's ridiculous)...

    1. Yes it is the ikea sofa! The Karlstad... I'm very happy to have given it a home, although as it's in the kitchen I'm getting a bit paranoid about the kids getting it dirty. Not my most practical purchase!