Thursday 29 September 2011

Black or White?

I made two butterfly pictures last night, one in black and one in white. A friend wants one to give as a wedding gift. I'm sure she'll choose the white one, but maybe not.

I also finally finished these pinned butterflies made from an old A-Z which was falling apart.

Each one shows one of the streets I've lived on in London.

... and here are a selection of butterflies in frames all ready for their photo-shoot against the backdrop of some wallpaper samples from Svenskt Tenn, (we are putting the dark paper in our loo... one day). I should also point out the newly restored fireplace, well done Hugh. Just need to sort out the plaster (and the insert/tiles and the hearth... the never ending list).

The largest frame (above) is by Tracey Bush, my inspiration and my 30th birthday present which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

My butterfly pictures are for sale in my slightly sparse etsy shop. They are made from old greetings cards which I struggle to throw away...

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