Friday 30 September 2011

Be Gone Oh Useless Clutter

I'm attempting a clear out... this is the kind of stuff I'm up against. I am my own worst enemy.

Top row:
Invitation to my friends degree show (14 years old).
Overprints of our wedding 'thank-you' cards
The lovely camera lens that I managed to MELT. Totally useless, but been hanging around for the last two years as I can't bring myself to actually chuck it out.

Middle row:
Old cards, with old website address, old address and old mobile phone number.
A Tesco clubcard voucher that expired in 2002. Useful.
Really cute box from Korea. I'm a bit addicted to empty/old boxes, especially nicely designed ones.

Bottom row:
Box of various old tickets...
Reading list from my first year at college (17 years old) still haven't read the majority of the books on it.

Of course, the only things that I can bring myself to get rid of are the lens and the Tesco clubcard vouchers.

1 comment:

  1. Ah ah, this is so me! Except for the boxes, but I'll tell you why in a future post that you're inspiring me to write :)

    I LOVE your butterflies, black and white frames, they're gorgeous.

    PS: Finally I can post a comment... It didn't seem to work these last days...