Monday 12 September 2011

Back from the Blue - Breaktime Is Over

I am an island. I am bloody Ibiza!*

Flying back to reality - a photo of Ibiza taken from the plane on the way home (apologies to all the people on the Ryanair flight with us, we were actually traveling with a baby not a small bear cub as you might have thought from all the roaring noise).

We had a great 10 days... and are very grateful to Fran & Ad for deciding to get married in Ibiza and therefore forcing us to have a holiday there (of course grateful wasn't exactly the word that came to mind 8 months ago when I had a new baby and trekking to the Balearics was a slightly daunting prospect).

And also thanks to the blogging/crafting world for leading me to Helen's lovely blog which in turn lead me to finding out about Mark's place Las Joyitas Ibiza, the perfect base for our holiday. More on that later...

Now I've got that new-term feeling and a serious appetite to get on and DO some stuff... so more on that later too, I hope!

*The wonderful Donne miss-quote from About A Boy

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