Friday 23 September 2011

Bags & Babies

Totally unrelated to this blog, I've been sent a Storksak baby bag to review.
We've never actually had a nappy bag, always making do with fabric bags, in fact most recently I've been using a Topshop one from back-in-the-day when Toppers was my employer, so it must be classed as 'vintage' by now. I may even stick my neck out and say that this was one of the first fabric bags given away on the high street, circa 2001, around the time when I was busy convincing Topshop that it WAS worth having an e-commerce website, and have I been proved right or what?

I digress, as normal. Back to the point, with a picture of the bag.

It feels a bit more bling and grown up than my normal bag choices (um, free fabric ones, obviously). But I was actually quite excited when the post man delivered this it. I spent a very happy half hour packing it up and discovering it's compartments. I think, if I can be organised, it might be the perfect bag, my fear however is that babygrows will be forgotten in pockets only to be discovered going mouldy weeks later... I hereby promise to try not to let that happen.

Allow me to just marvel for a bit at my own organisation (not often something I can do); we've got nappies (amazingly essential and so often forgotten), wipes, nappy sacks, anti-bacterial gel, tupperwears of food, bib, bottle & formula. Even a snack for me.*
Plus all the normal handbag fodder, purse, travel card, phone in the front pocket, tissues and keys... and those that know me will have probably already spotted my very precious diary/notepad - safely stored in it's own external pocket, if it got lost/damaged by leaking food/vomited on then I would definitely cry, so good to keep it separate.
It's a lot of stuff.
Holding it made me think I was off on a mini-break, not just popping out to the local leisure centre. You can't fight it, babies need stuff. Any new Mum will be able to recount the challenge that is leaving the house. You have to charge around collecting together all the stuff you need, often to the background noise of a howling infant. A friend of mine once compared early motherhood to being in an episode of The Crystal Maze, and I must say I definitely see the resemblance.

So, I'm happily embracing the baby bag. I'm still lusting after this Marc by Marc Jacobs one though, and if the compartments don't work for me, maybe I could get this very grown up bag from Bodie & Fou, très elegant, and would age well don't you think?

*Of course once I was out, and only when it was too late, I realised that I'd totally forgotten to put spare clothes in for Master Henry. Ooops.


  1. Great bag! I still wear my usual handbag and keep stuffing things in the stroller. I can't go out without going back home ten times before I can get in the elevator because I keep forgetting things because YES, you carry a thousand things when you go out with a baby, it's amazing!

    I love the Marc Jacobs one and the other one from Bodie and Fou is to die for. So we'll dream together :)

  2. No kids yet but just have to say that the one from Bodie and Fou has been on my wish list for some time now. Love it!