Tuesday 25 January 2011

The New Model

Henry's got to get used to being my new model - especially as his older sister insists on shouting 'cheese, sausages, pineapple' very loudly when you point a camera her way these days, which doesn't make it easy getting a nice shot of her!

These pics were taken when he was was a week old, he's now already twice that. However tired I feel I REALLY want to relish this little new born (although I have to remind myself of that at five in the morning when he doesn't want to go to sleep)!

Of course this might really be how he feels about having his photo taken!

1 comment:

  1. Arghhh, your beautiful boy, does it feel weird changing a nappy and not looking at girl bits?! I can't imagine having a girl after three years of Mr Wilf. Congratulations he looks so gorgeous and almost makes me look forward to all the extra juggling I'm going to have to do come August. We've just moved out of our house to start the renovations, but hopefully we'll be ready to move back in June and all will be calm (apart from painting & decorating!) ahead of the upheavals. I'll be coming to you for tips on how to stay on top of things! Lots of love, Jane.