Tuesday 18 January 2011

Before and After

Chaos rules again!
Our new little boy arrived at 1.48am last Wednesday, 12th January.

So, little Henry will be dominating this house for a while - and quite rightly!

While I was still pregnant I read Nina's account of her babies birth.
I can't quite face re-living the birth by writing it here... it was, it should go without saying, excruciatingly painful. I only had gas and air in the end as the birth was pretty quick (although it felt very very very long at the time)!
By total coincidence he was delivered by the same midwife as my first baby.
I'll spare any readers further details, except to say that of course it's all worth it and that the human body is truly amazing. As the delivery was 'normal' we were at home 18 hours after Henry was born - great considering that with Coco I was in hospital for a week and am only alive thanks to modern medicine - but that is another story!

Right - I'm off, nappies to change and all that!

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  1. Congratulations for giving birth to baby Henry!!
    I hope you are enjoying your "holidays"!!
    Lots of love
    ps:can you please bring your 2 angels to UO?!!I want to see them!!!