Tuesday 11 January 2011

The Waiting Game

40 weeks and 3 days pregnant... Our house is tidier than it's been, um, ever. Plus I'm actually getting organised; in a very slow-paced and loose sense.

Did some 'filing' ie, put all Coco's artwork and birthday cards in a box and labeled it. I do love my labelling machine.

Actually packed my hospital bag, and have put aside some tiny baby-grows that I had for Coco for 'up to 5lb' and 'up to 7.5lb' babies. I think I'm in for a bruiser this time around.
I've even written my Christmas thank-you letters.*
I have a list that is almost all ticked off. That could be called a miracle.

Today I'll be tidying some cupboards, if the baby hasn't arrived I might post some photos of the results tomorrow. That will give EVERYONE something to look forward to!

*Haven't done your thank-you letters!? Shame on you. Why not buy some 'thank-you' cards from my Etsy shop!?

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