Thursday 15 August 2013

Welsh Escape (part 2)

Hills, lush green valleys, streams and waterfalls. A walk in Wales.

We could hear something for a little while before we could see it...

We walked along the river to find a suitable picnic spot... somewhere ideal for a bit of paddling was required.

Just the spot.

My sister patiently spent a lot of time in the water with Henry

He did not want to get out...

Meanwhile Coco was busy giving me a live demonstration of how to get water in your wellies.

Playing pooh-sticks

Coco in all her sartorial wisdom insisted on wearing her white ballet tights...

The water was a bit cold.

We packed up to head back thinking it was about to pour with rain and suddenly the sun appeared - and there was only a smidgin* of whingeing on the way back.

* That might not be strictly true.

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