Thursday 25 July 2013

29/52 A Portrait a Week

Portraits and Out-takes too this week (I'm in an indecisive mood and couldn't really choose one photo this week.

Coco: Catching bubbles. Wow bubbles can be stressful, we almost always spill the bubble mixture, Henry wants to make bubbles but gets cross when Coco pops them and Coco just wants to catch them. I just want to get photos.
Henry: Enjoying drinking some fizzy water; which he calls 'spicy water', it delights him and surprises him everytime.

One portrait of each of my children every week in 2013. 
A 52 project started by Jodi of Che & Fidel

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  1. Lovely photos. My little one used to call it 'spikey water'. They have a point!