A Day in Pictures - 24th July 2011

8am - We're still in bed, pretending to ourselves that we are having a lie-in.

8.30 - Breakfast

9.30 - Breakfast all cleared up. Coco painting her 'magic' book, just add water!

10.10 - I weed, Hugh makes coffee. (Henry asleep and Coco looking after Teddy).

11am - Henry wakes from nap, full wash is needed due to nappy issues!

11.30am - Henry gets fed and Coco does her obstacle course.

Midday - Time for beads.

12.50 - En-route to the farmers market, walking through Chiswick house grounds

1.30 - Crepe 'complet' from the market

2pm - Crashing a friends picnic with our burgers and crepes from the market. Gourmet Baby.

2.30pm - The playground built on an old river bed.

3.30pm - Cooling off at the paddling pool.

4.10 - On the way home, via Chiswick house again.

5pm - Back home, third lot of washing needs hanging out.

5.30pm - Time to cut the grass.

6.10pm - Still cutting

7.30pm - Supper time, kitchen a mess again.

8.10pm - Hugh shows Coco how to eat melon without getting sticky!

9pm - Just enough light for some garden photos.

9.50pm - Last cup of tea.