Thursday 4 June 2015

A Blog Roll Update: From M - Z (and numbers too)

The second installment of my blog roll update - (see here for A-L)
.... follow the links and enjoy! You are welcome... x

Me & Orla
I like the way Sara writes, it's honest and sometimes quite raw. She is also pretty funny. Her posts are always illustrated with her signature style images from her forever home in a very dreamy looking Yorkshire.

Mini Eats
Phillipa's blog is full of recipes and the family stories that come along with them, a great heirloom for her daughter Lexie and new arrival Finn.

Only Saying What You're Thinking
Charlotte's blog kept me nodding along from 2011 and I was gutted when she stopped ranting blogging  - I was very happy when she started a new blog Baby I'm the Realest  - but as of a few weeks ago she's returned to her original blog - I for one am very happy she couldn't keep away from this blogging life for long. She says it how it is.

On the First Day of Marriage
Nell's blog is very much a diary of married life with children, I've been reading her blog since before her oldest Phinny was born. She distills her life into beautiful photos which seem to capture a happy, simple home. It's kind of relaxing to visit.

Oyster & Pearl
Lottie weaves a story of life with children, home inspiration and recipes into her blog and oftens points me in the direction of some new place to visit - both real & virtual.

Lynne's old blog was one of the first I started reading - this is the place to go if you love stationery. You will find a kindred spirit. And her shop is awesome.

Peonies and Poloroids
Raw honesty, reading Cara's blog often makes me feel like I'm not alone in being confused about how to be a grown up (in a good way, Cara!) We're currently on a cliff hanger to see where Cara, Nye and family end up living after leaving London... at present they are somewhere in the French countryside.

Scraps of Us
Beach combing and family life combined; a sort of behind-the-scenes of one of the most stunning instagram feeds around.

Seeds & Stitches
When Davina & Hannah decided to combine their blogs into one I think I may have squealed, or clapped... or something. This is the place to find eco-inspiring ideas for decor and making - always creative and often on a shoe-string. Just the way I like it.

Tangerine Canteen
Lia's blog makes my mouth water - so much so that I often have to go shopping, buy obscure ingredients and get in the kitchen. I have her to thank for spicy sweet potato wedges and our regular taco nights.

Through the Round Window
I just met Flora last weekend and with a cup of tea in hand I've had a good read of through the last few months of her life - I'm now dreaming of a studio in a county town by the sea and developing a craft skill (Flora is a decorative stained glass artist). The beauty of blogs - they transport you briefly to someone else's life.

Wild & Grizzly
Graphic designer Lori shares tales of travels and city life in Bristol. Her little boy has an enviable collection of picture books - a great place to look for some children's book inspiration.

Xanthe Berkeley
The place to go for an injection of colour. You'll also find amazing video time capsules that capture Xanthe's life with her gorgeously gangly sons. Her site makes me want to video everything.

Philippa's instagram feed is beautiful and her blog is a wonderful backdrop to her feed. All she needs is her kitchen table and some flower petals - her compositions with objects and colours are much imitated, but somehow, you can always tell which is an original 5ftinf.

940 Sundays
Fiona is a sporadic blogger,  - much like I feel I am too these days - but her blog posts always bring a smile to my face. Always. ALWAYS.

I dip into loads of other blogs - I'm going to move my complete list to a permanent home linked to from over there <<<<
somewhere I can add to as I remember who I've forgotten and make new finds too.

Also; in this late spring cleaning frenzy I'm updating my 'about me' page - a lovely way to spend a few hours cringing at yourself. I've put in links to lots of old posts because, you know, I'm self indulgent like that. One day very soon I may get around to updating that old banner at the top. One day.


  1. Ah, those are such lovely words to read about my little blog Alexis! Thank you so much for including me in your list. I love your space so much - always so inspirational. Looking forward to finding a spare minute and checking out some of your other recommendations xxx

  2. Oh thank you so much for the kind words Alexis, and for including me in your blog list - that's so lovely. Off to check out some of the others now! xx

  3. thanks alexis! i really like some of the blogs youve listed here (will check out the others) so really touched to be included. I've really been enjoying jen little birdies blog if you dont know it. Also breaking eggs with cliodna prendergast - cooking with kids in connemara - def making me want to go to w ireland and do a course at ballymaloe cooking school! and walk in the mist! and drink guiness! (modern farmette also) xx (sorry bad typing, finny asleep on me!)