Wednesday 3 June 2015

A Blog Roll Update: From A - L

I've been writing my blog for nearly five years and have found so many great blog-reads along the way; some have come and gone while new ones are created everyday... so I thought it was about time I shared a little love for the blogs I read and gave my blog roll over there on the left an update (in that area I've been meaning to spruce up forever).
(I never write my blog on a laptop in the sunshine, but you know, an opportunity was there so...)

Here are some of the UK blogs that I love; a few I check out everyday, others I dip into occasionally... but they are all good. I sometimes feel like in the blog world I've found my tribe - women (yep - for whatever reason this is an 100% female shortlist!) who create: some on a small scale and some on an impressively large scale. They write beautifully, create great images and inspire me in all sorts of ways.
It's quite a long list so I've split it into two. A - L today and the rest of the alphabet to follow... so if you have some time on your hands make a cup of tea and have a look...

Abigail and the Future
I think I first got drawn into Abigail's blog because her little boy Theo is the same age as Henry... her photography is fantastic and she shares some great idea on activities to do with pre-school age children plus thoughtful musings on family and photography which always seems to strike a chord with me.

Apartment Apothocary 
As the name suggests Katy's blog is interiors focused - her and her partner have tackled some big projects at home  - you get really good before and after shots here and also a good dose of practical decorating ideas.

A Quiet Corner
A photographic journal of life with four big children - more often than not documenting the quite moments in what must be a busy household. Woodland and hilltop walks and lovely photos of England at it's best.

A Quiet Style
Exactly what it says... a gentle and simple blog full of beautiful and peaceful style, more often than not involving flowers. Her monthly posts with the florist Wild Rubus are inspiring tutorials.

Bradshaw & Sons
I think of Emma's family of kind of the opposite of ours, they are are country family making the most of their surroundings. Lots of DIY's to do with and for children - DIY's & recipes I've actually done too (this one was a goodun).

Circle of Pine Trees
Another girl with three boys! Laura's blog is full of simple pleasures - of camping and stomping through mud and leaves with her three small boys. She has a monthly link-up 'A Year In Books' if you're looking for a book recommendation then this would be a good place to start.

Found Now Home
Leigh is a uber sewer - I'm in awe of her sewing crafts. I also wouldn't mind moving into her house. She has loads of nice things and gives good tips for places to go in her 'hood too (South Londoners)!

Gathered Cheer
Ruth's blog is full of stylish ideas on interiors and celebrations - she also organises amazing social gatherings where she connects people together - she wants to get us all inspiring each other IRL!

Geoffry & Grace
A little piece of vintage heaven. Lots of making, a cute little one and thoughtful words - I love Melanie's 'rooms' series too. 

Growing Spaces
Heather's blog is one of my favourites. With a definite interiors edge; Heather takes on styling challenges, does DIY's and she seems to have a knack of finding the best interiors images to round up (she is an interiors journalist... so I think she's had practice) She also shares tales of her five year twins.

I think I can safely blame Artemis of Junkaholic for getting me hooked on blogs way back in 2009... consistently lovely images, creative and inspiring projects by someone who just seems to love making things, for herself, her husband and now for her adorable looking toddler too.

Lapin Blu
Sarah Lou and her family are creating a gorgeous home in Sussex - lots of nice ideas and her home has a healthy mix of old and new. I just want to see more! She also runs the Everyday Spruce project with Heather of Growing Spaces - lots of practical ideas for updating your space.

Little Green Shed
Lou is one of those amazing bloggers who blogs almost everyday bringing me my daily dose of swoony images and tales of adventures with her boys. (Sorry, is swoony a word? You know what I mean; dappled light, flowers, friends, simple pleasures...) Lou also runs the weekly #natureinthehome hashtag on IG.

Lobster & Swan
A whimsical seaside life & dreamy styling by Jeska - plus her and her husband run a shop so there's always the opportunity to copy be inspired by her style.

London Loafing
Lucy is a fellow Londoner who has as much of an interest in interiors as I do and writes a very good monthly to-do list which often sparks off some adventure or other over here. She has dreams of opening her own coffee shop and is sharing her research (you know, her visits to nice cafes)!

Lotts and Lots
Charlotte shares lots of pretty stuff on her blog - the jewellery she makes and lovely home projects too. There is a lot to be inspired by here!

Next up - from M - Z (and numbers too...)


  1. Fun! One of the bloggers just retweeted you and I'm so pleased to have found your blog :)

  2. Thank you for your lovely, lovely words - you have made my day ;0)))

  3. Thank you so much for including my blog, especially amongst so many great ones. Have a good weekend. Emma x

  4. So chuffed to be part of your blog roll, it was so lush to meet you last weekend too, Emma x x x

  5. Only just seen this. Thanks so much for including the Geoffrey & Grace blog amongst your 'G's. Happy stuff :)

  6. How did I miss this post of gorgeousness?! Thank you so much for your very lovely words - and what fantastic company I'm in!