Tuesday 10 February 2015

Styling the Seasons: Feburary

February styling the seasons - laying the table by Alexis at somethingimade.co.uk

To me February seems like a good month for long Sunday lunches for cooking and entertaining.
We've had a couple of lovely Sundays recently catching up with friends, enjoying good food while children entertain themselves around us.

Whenever we have friends over we have the same plan. To be ready when they arrive, it rarely happens though... and having a table laid and ready pretty much never happens. It's much more likely that guests will be roped into help while the gravy is being prepped.
But I remain hopeful that one day we'll have people round and the table will be ready. So for this months styling the season I thought I'd get out my best china.

February styling the seasons - laying the table by Alexis at somethingimade.co.uk

The garden has been in it's winter slumber - only offering up the occasional herb and a few weedy stems of broccoli from the veg patch... but the trusty hellebore's are flowering away. There are so many on some plants that it seems crazy not to bring a few indoors even if they don't last that long, the one above seemed particularly regal and perfect.

February styling the seasons - laying the table by Alexis at somethingimade.co.uk

I love our Astier de Villatte china but we've been a bit shy of using it since Henry broke a beautiful bowl when he was about two. I kind of hate the idea of 'best' china, we never had that when we were young (we ate off beautiful plates all the time; much the best way!) but practicality wins out and we have separate plates and bowls for everyday use. I'm on an eternal search for set that would compliment the Astier but also go in the dishwasher... the closest I've seen are by The White Company.

February styling the seasons - laying the table by Alexis at somethingimade.co.uk

The little water glasses were Coco's souvenir purchase from Morocco last year and she loves us to use them on special occasions. She is very particular about who gets which colour.

February styling the seasons - laying the table by Alexis at somethingimade.co.uk

And finally our cutlery. This does get used everyday by everyone. It's called Paris by David Mellor and it's perfect. We rate good cutlery in this house!

Styling The Seasons is a monthly challenge run by Katy and Charlotte - anyone can join in - just do a post or put a photo on instagram using #stylingtheseasons
This month there is also a little styling competition going on over at Laura Ashley which I missed out on due to the fact that I never reply to emails. Sorry if you're waiting on an email from me, but you'll probably be waiting sometime. I'm better at snail mail; but more about that in another post!

A little PS as normal:
A good friend of ours recently went to a posh restaurant for her *ahem* 40th birthday. The table was laid with beautiful Astier de Villatte china. She commented to the waiter that her friends have some of this china (us!) but that she'd never eaten off it.... The waiter said that she wouldn't be eating off it there either. It was just for show when you sit down... the food came on more 'practical' china. 


  1. Sexond attempt to comment - got cut off for some reason.

    So, I genuinely don't know where to start. I can not quite believe that you have a whole Astierdevillatte dinner service - I can not quite contain my jealousy! Secondly, the way you have styled it is absolutely perfect - the colours, the linen, the flowers. It's the most perfect table! Xx

  2. Wow, I'd be far too scared to use such beautiful plates but at the same time want to use them everyday!!! I love this table especially the hellebores tucked into the napkins. x

  3. Alexis, I agree, this table and photos are just so pretty. I hope you had a good lunch that day - not just for the picture ! It's funny what you say about inviting people around. The table is the first thing I do before I cook - so I'm sure it is ready when my guests arrive ! And it makes me feel more comfortable for the rest of the organisation !

  4. the china is gorgeous, my mother had best china, I don't think she ever used. It was very expensive Royal Doulton. It is so tricky, we have a tiled floor in the kitchen, i fear anything falling onto it.
    Love your styling, it's beautiful. I really want to get involved in Styling the Seasons, I'm just not very stylish.