Wednesday 25 February 2015

Morocco - Holiday Portraits

One of the many things that was really good about escaping these shores last week was being able to take some nice shots of the children. Posed and candid... here are my favorites from our half term in Morocco.

We did more or less the same as we did last year - read the full lowdown from that trip here.
We packed light - which is why Coco seems to be wearing the same thing everyday.

I did some sketching, we read and did puzzles, Coco and Henry made new friends. We played lots of cards - especially the very popular Rat-a-tat-Cat game. We ate well, wandered the souks - bought back a few little souviners and generally enjoyed getting some sun on our backs.


  1. I really enjoyed reading about your Morocco trip last year, thanks for all the helpful info then and now. We have been doing European city breaks for Feb half-term the last two years but I want to branch out and get some sunshine, so determined to do Morocco in the next few years. It looks wonderful and I admire your photography skills.

  2. Hi - beautiful pics - can I ask what camera ou use? You've probably told everyone before, but I couldn't find it. Thanks.