Wednesday 28 November 2012

The Five Year Old's Party Bags

I had lots of ideas for Coco's party bags this year, but as normal I left it all to the last possible minute so didn't quite have the time to execute my grand plans. Plus my planned trip to Hobbycraft had to be aborted due to Coco being off school the week before, lucky for me my local supermarket had glitter glue on offer... what more does a five year old need?

This was my desk at 11.30am on Sunday morning(-2.5 hrs to party kick off)
And this is what I made...

 Cupcake kit
- Patterned fairy cake holders from Sainsbury's
- A sprinkling of gold sugar decorations in some little bags that I has from ages ago
- 12 mini trees on sticks made from old Christmas cards

Make your own Christmas decorations
 - Three wooden Christmas shapes from Zara Home
 - Two glitter glue sticks

They also got a simple Alice band and a couple of gold coins for instant gratification.
I was planning on doing a little kit to make some kind of embellishment for the Alice bands, but couldn't work out how to do it simply... will have to keep that idea for next year.
We used the same stripy orange paper bags as last year to pack all the goodies in.

As the party involved decorating their own cakes we needed some cake transportation method! These cupcake holders were Hugh's idea and were made from old cereal packets and some hoarded old Liberty bags (see, when it comes to party bag emergencies it's worth keeping everything)!

Of course as normal I had lots of family back up support - Hugh's sister and sister-in-law-to-be (lets just refer to them from now on as Mel and Georgie) baked the cakes for the girls to decorate, and helped look after Coco and Henry while me and Hugh got all the bits ready. A good team effort.


  1. This is amazing! I'm going to keep this idea locked away for when Lil is a bit older. Happy belated birthday to the beautiful Coco xxx

  2. Amazing the things you can do. I love the christmas theme

  3. You're a very talented lady when it comes to party bags! I remember your post from last year too :) These look great, I absolutely love the little cake decorating kits - what a fab idea. And that you've found a use for some of those hoarded bags ;)

  4. This looks like I party I'd like to have! Great idea.

    Found you from the Tots 100 fresh 5.