Wednesday 31 October 2012

A Chest of Treasure

On Sunday we finally delivered this wedding present to Hugh's brother and his wife. Only one year late... Maybe we should have just called it a first anniversary present, afterall it was mostly paper (with a bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure).

The chest was bought from a craft shop near us and then me and Coco decorated it with tissue paper, jewels and some pretty off cuts of wrapping paper that had been hoarded away exactly with a task like this in mind...

It was a very fun little project to do with Coco - although of course she was just on her best behaviour as she was angling at getting hold of some chocolate coins for herself.

Quite a nice way to give away a few quid I thought!?


  1. Well, we love it! I'm thinking of getting some more chocolate coins to refill it...

  2. Such a good idea! I think i may be doing this at Xmas! Neat idea as teacher gifts too! Thanks Mrs xx