Monday 16 July 2012

Rain Stops Play

I know, it's so British to complain about the weather. I used to have an American boss and she couldn't understand our obsession with the weather.... we can't function in (slightly) extreme hot or cold or dry or damp... we even get a little upset about leaves falling off the trees and onto railway lines...
BUT seriously... where is Summer?
Cath over at Bristol Parenting Cafe has started a list of plus points about our damp summer... and there are a few good ones there... and I should really add that not having to water the garden is quite good. In fact, the plants really do seem to be enjoying this weather; although we'll need some sun soon to ripen our tomato. Yes, there is so far, only one tomato.

Despite my moaning we have been enjoying the garden this year... have the planting done has made a massive improvement and it's a big change from last year...

Plus when it rains Henry will happily spend hours playing with the rain water in the bottom of the buckets or trugs that are invariable left around the place. Despite the appearance in these carefully framed shots we are turning into the sort of people I SO hoped we wouldn't... there are inflatable balls and pots and random bits of plastic (otherwise known as kids toys) strewn around the place.

One lonely baby tomato.

*** I've been some-what neglecting this blog recently. Henry is changing his routine a little, I've been running around in circles, the builders are back in finishing some jobs which means we've had another bout of sorting/chucking/unpacking (yes, still unpacking after two years). So if you're new around here, please stick around... I do post some interesting stuff sometimes. I have some photos of my friends very stylish flat to share with you in the next few days - when I get around to properly editing the pics, and we got a bit of garden inspiration from a visit to Hampton Court Flower Show... just need to a bit of kid-free time, or energy in the evening... so maybe see you in about 15 years?

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