Friday 4 September 2015

Our Summer in Handstands

Coco spent the summer perfecting her handstands.
Everywhere we went she'd be up-side-down within seconds.
Although at times it drove me mad (she'd say "I can't help myself Mummy" like some kind of addict) I admire her perseverance and she really cracked it over the summer...

Of course it's the way that I don't have many photos of her handstand 'before' - this is maybe the closest - a slightly fast and unstable version at Starry Skies right at the beginning of the holidays...

In the garden

On the beach

At the campsite

Beach again - but this time with a view...

An early morning pj handstand at camp

Trebah gardens

St Ives

Polurrian Bay Hotel; indoor handstands are generally a no-no...

... except when there is a brutalist playground indoors... (at RIBA)

In tandem.

In the fountains at the Southbank

Near perfection at Kings Cross

Although they still go awry sometimes

At the roofgarden on the Southbank

And then at the end of the holidays we were a little bit more house-bound thanks to the gorgeous British weather and the handstands slowed down... until on the very last day of the holiday at Kew Gardens when I had to ASK for her to do one last handstand for me.
She hesitated and resisted a little... but eventually obliged.

One last 'stand.

Now she's moved on to cartwheels...


  1. Ha ha, this is brilliant! I bet she will love this collection of photos in years to come. Ah, I remember cartwheeling obsessively as a girl, all over the place. I tried to show my eldest how to do one in a playground the other day (he had only seen a drawing so thought that a cartwheel was just standing still with your arms and legs spread out) and I felt rather dizzy and sick afterwards for about ten minutes...

  2. Love this so much !! Love the funny summer 'crazes' kids get.

  3. Aw love this! She's so good at them. Xx

  4. Great collection of pictures ! You've managed some beautiful photos ! It also shows a lot of (beautiful) places you've selected to bring her to !